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Centre of Excellence supporting Revenue Management Education

Tourism, Hospitality and Business

The Institute of Revenue Management is the Global Centre of Excellence in support of Revenue Management Education for Tourism, Hospitality and Business.

Academic Support

The Institute of Revenue Management supports academia with membership, the online training support game – YIELDMAX and the Global Revenue Management Student Symposium and Student Challenge.

Student Symposium & Challenge

The Global Revenue Management Student Symposium and Student Challenge supports under-graduate and post-graduate student programs. This is an online event.

23 March 2023

The Global Revenue Management Student Symposium & Challenge

Student Business Strategy Challenge

Designed for senior commerce, economics and business studies high school and college students.

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About Us

The Institute of Revenue Management is a division of the Australian Revenue Management Association (ARMA) and was established to provide quality and independent support services to our academic and education partners. The next generation of critical thinkers and exceptional business leaders are in universities and schools across the globe.

ARMA was founded by Melissa Kalan, a revenue and yield management specialist and thought leader, who is committed to upskilling and fostering interest in the critical commercial discipline of revenue and yield management across industry professionals and student cohorts.

This exciting discipline offers a rewarding career across a diverse portfolio of industries that all sell a perishable asset, that being once the day or night passes all revenue generating opportunities from that asset have been lost forever.

ARMA through its The Institute of Revenue Management – Centre of Excellence leverages its vast network of expert industry and academic professionals to enable the collaboration of knowledge and thought leadership that inspires and encourages innovation and critical thinking.

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“After completing my university studies I thoroughly enjoyed studying the professional certification the Master of Revenue Management offered by the Australian Revenue Management Association via the Institute. It will be of great value to me throughout my career ”

– Emily Hunt –

Master of Revenue Management Graduate

“I found the YIELDMAX ® game to be very interesting. For our entry level class, it gives students an idea of opportunity cost/trade- off of each accept/decline decision.

 It can also serve a foundation for higher level classes with more factors to consider, such as channel, type of customer, property type, etc.”
Assistant Professor Hospitality and Food Management Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

– Ball State University –

Melissa is one of the key leaders in the growth and understanding of revenue management. For many businesses, revenue management can be extremely complex and challenging. Melissa has the unique ability of translating the complex into the practical. Many tourism businesses have seen very strong revenue growth due to the advice and guidance of Melissa.”

– Stephen Wright –

Former CEO BIG4 Holiday Parks Australia

“YIELDMAX ® is the perfect simulation game for students majoring in Hotel Management.

It helps the students to understand better the implementation of revenue management strategies in a hotel. This marvelous simulation game also enhances the student experience.

Overall it was an enjoyable, educational and practical simulation game.”

– Stevanie Dharmawan –

Bachelor of International Hospitality Management, School of Hospitality, Events and Tourism, Taylor’s University, Malaysia

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